Balvenie Tun 1509 Batch 4 Single Malt Limited Edition Scotch Whisky 700ml @ 51.7% abv 

The Balvenie

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Appearance: Midway amongst gold and orange, there is golden. The whithered stray like legs of this whisky are provocative to view, with weakened beading. Call them “courageous woman chic.”

Nose: Maple syrup; cardamom; Honduran stogie wrapper; heated pear in light syrup; pound cake; dark rum; pecan wood shavings. The first notes insist sherry and whiskey barrels working in concordance with each other.

Sense of taste: Alas, the sherry and whiskey containers are not in total accord here. Unpleasant oak from whiskey wood surfaces to begin with, alongside notes of heated stone organic product from the sherry. There’s a lace of caramel and marshmallow nougat that helps me to remember clumps from Tun 1401. Explosive likewise raises its terrible head, alongside crisp cut cowhide.

The superabundance of liquor in one’s glass (103.4 proof) welcomes the presentation of some water. Sadly, this welcome turns out to be fleeting. A large portion of a teaspoon forfeits a perceptible measure of many-sided quality. To compound an already painful situation, my two ounce pour of whisky likewise turned unpleasantly severe after water was included, even with the death of 30-40 more minutes.

On the complete, red natural products surface, offering notes of raspberry, boysenberry, and a cherry enhanced hack drop tossed in for good measure. This upbeat consummation everything except vanishes when a sensible measure of water is presented.

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