Bushmills 16 Year Old Single Malt Irish Whiskey 700ml @ 40 %

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This whiskey begins with cherries on the nose, almost like a bourbon. There’s malty goodness and mature, charred oak, followed by thick honey. Bushmills 16 Year Old’s Irish heritage sneaks in masked slightly by the single malt style. A very nice nose, indeed.

Malt is at the forefront of the taste of this whiskey. Bushmills 16 Year Old packs more honey sweetness on the tongue, with peaches and cream and pineapple notes, not unlike the Glenlivet. This one tastes mature – on a similar level to Knappogue Castle 16 Year Old. Some could argue that the mouthfeel is a little thin at 40%, but nice nonetheless.

The finish contains more sweet and sour pineapple notes, followed by malt. It’s also slightly bitter on the tail end.

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