Hennessy James Hennessy 40% 1L Giftpack @ 40 $ abv

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Hennessy James Hennessy 40% 1L Giftpack
With this creation, Maison Hennessy set out to pay tribute to one of the family’s historic figureheads, James Hennessy, who conquered new territories and endeavoured to spread the success of Hennessy far beyond the quays of Cognac. In the new blend that carries his name, the Maison’s Master Blender has conceived an elegant and contemporary new cognac, which slowly releases its notes.

Colour: Beautiful shades of amber are punctuated by soft highlights of pink and bronze.

Nose: Suggestions of mild tobacco and light wisps of smoke combine subtly with toasty aromas. Hints of roasted almonds intermingle and merge with Madagascar vanilla to produce soft and delicately perfumed notes.

Palate: The nose follows through to a palate of elegance and restraint, enhanced by fresher flavours reminiscent of apricot, then pistachio and blood peach.

Alcohol by volume [% AbV]:

Manufacturer’s information:
Jas Hennessy & Co, Rue de la Richonne 20020, 16101 Cognac Cedex, France

Prepaired water, cognac distillates, sugar colour (Е150а). Minimun age of cognac distillates is 3 years old.

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