Hombo Shuzo Jousei Umeshu Private Bottling 720ml @ 16 % abv

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Hombo Shuzo Jousei Umeshu


A private bottling of Japans most highly
awarded umeshu at 16% abv. This umeshu
has been carefully aged with quality
brandy, steeped pickled plum fruits and
natural sugars, with no added flavor,
coloring or acidulant.
Nose: apricot, peach Seville
orange, young brandy with very
light tannins.
Palate: Peach, pear & guava
are the predominant fruit
characters with almond, fennel
and a little tannin from
underripe Ume fruits. The
texture is rich and syrupy.
Finish: a delicate balancing act
of sweetness, acidity and fruit.

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