“Black Nikka Rich Blend Extra Sherry”, has been growing for 4 consecutive years since its launch in 2013. It is a whisky that highlights the sweet and rich flavor derived from the Sherry Barrel, which is a feature of Rich Blend. By using Miyagi gorge sherry barrels which feature sweetness like dried fruits and rich koku, it is finished in a deep and rich taste. Enjoy a fruity floral scent and a smooth mouthfeel like honey.

Official Tasting Notes

Palate: Quite sweet with prunes, dry fruit, and red grapes. A tad shallow; I preferred it without water.

Nose: Roasted banana, malt, salty caramel, and there’s even some muscat.

Finish: The finish is short, dry, and mild. Sherry gives way to some citrus at the tail end.

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