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The Chivas Brothers have a long and regarded history in the craft of mixing uncommon Scotch whisky. This skill is in plain view here with the Royal Salute 21 Year Old. Starting where others end, the 21 Year Old is an unpredictable Scotch, going from lemon and tea to chocolate and coconut. Accessible in the now acclaimed porcelain bottle that comes in three unique hues speaking to the gems decorated into the Crown Jewels. Sapphire blue, emerald green and ruby red.

The stylized discharging of weapons in salute is an unbelievable custom which can be followed back to early nautical days. Well disposed ships passing each other rendered this salute as a motion of cooperative attitude. Later it ended up standard to stretch out a 21 firearm salute to a supreme sovereign upon their landing. Today this salute denotes the welcome of a remote Head of State to a cordial host country. The motivation for Royal Salute, similar to the service remembers, looks to reflect custom. Matured and packaged in Scotland by Chivas Brothers for a long time, Royal Salute is unmatched by some other mix for its sheer smoothness. An exceedingly elite soul made for the expert.

Packaged in porcelain flasks, created by Wade porcelain, the outline consolidates the picture of Robert the Bruce, likewise bearing a Gaelic maxim which interprets as ‘devotion, security since 1801’. These looked for after flasks are accessible in three hues, enlivened by the gems in the Coronation crown: Sapphire, Ruby and Emerald.



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