Zacapa Centenario XO Solera Gran Reserva Especial Rum 700ml @ 40 % abv

Ron Zacapa

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no less than 7 years in a row, the house has also officially been given this name at the serious The International Rum Festival.

Ron Zacapa 15 years, 23 years and 25 years are all made on a so-called solera. Before the rum is poured through the solera, it has had different “growth” on fresh oak barrels, ex-bourbon, ex-sherry, ex-madeira, etc. When it comes to Ron Zacapa XO 25 years, the difference between the 23-year-old and the 25-year-old, among others. a. a final storage on ex-cognac casks for the 25-year-old.

Taste comments
When you smell and taste this rum, you immediately understand why it is so in demand. Worth every penny with its expressive, gentle and fantastically nuanced aroma and taste.

Color: Very dark mahogany due to storage.
Body: Thick curtains that run slowly down the glass.
Nose: Expressive and deep in complete balance. A range of forest scents with sweet and spicy tones, vanilla, almond and chocolate with a touch of toasted taste.
Taste: Dense and deep like a warm river that brings back memories of a thousand joyful sensations.
Finish: Full of emotion. Enjoy Zacapa XO slowly without haste to discover all the secrets hidden behind the union of art, time and commitment.

Guatemala. The name alone exudes mystery and legends. The place where Zacapa comes from is often called “The House in the Clouds”, as it is located 2,330 km above sea level – literally above the clouds.

Zacapa’s home is a breathtaking mix of high mountains, active volcanoes and a lush landscape. Guatemala’s history goes back to the Mayans. Parts of their culture live to this day in the almost artistic landscape that characterizes the country. The legacy of the Mayans is clearly represented on the Zacapa bottle with the bottle’s bast band, which is called “The Petate”. It is a royal Mayan symbol that symbolizes the connection between time and space. The bast tape is made exclusively for each bottle by descendants of the Mayans.

Zacapa Rome is born in the fertile volcanic soil of Guatemala, more precisely on the southern coast, which is the best place in the world to grow sugar cane – because here the sun shines all year round. Unlike most other rum types that use molasses as a base, Zacapa Rum uses only the very first honey from the sugar cane.
In Guatemala, this first honey is called virgin honey, and it forms the basis of Zacapa’s unique taste.

After the distillation, Zacapa embarks on a long journey to store in “The House in the Clouds” in the highlands of Guatemala. Our fantastic “Master Blender” Lorena Lorena Vasquez has carefully selected the location in the highlands, as the perfect place to store rum. It is a documented fact that the cool mountain air reduces evaporation, allowing more of the amazing rum to be stored in the barrels. Only by storing in “The House in the Clouds” 2,330 km above sea level, Zacapa Rome can develop its exceptional deep aroma, dark color and rich taste to perfection.

With the historical method Sistema Solera, crafts and traditions are united when rums from different vintages and with different characters are mixed. Afterwards, storage continues in casks, where the rum gets flavor notes from the barrels it stores in. This dynamic and artful process requires constant attention and the luxury of having plenty of time. As rum stores more slowly in the heights, the process gives Zacapa the optimal time to achieve its perfect color, aroma and taste.

Solera Gran Reserva
The process “Solera Gran Reserva” means that Zacapa Rome is stored in various barrels that previously contained strong bourbon, delicate sherrys and the elegant Pedro Ximenez. During this process, the rum also rests in new oak barrels that are lightly fired inside to give the rum an extra flavor note from the wood. The extravagant process results in a luxurious rum of exceptional quality. The 23-year-old Zacapa has been named the world’s best rum four years in a row. It was then inducted into the Hall of Fame, to give others a place in the competition.


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