Note: “The alcohol %age & volume is likey to vary from batch to batch.”


Profound ruby


Like natural product sticks on a brownie cake that is wealthy in flower, nectar and desserts, in addition to a pinch of toffee and caramel out of sight together with a variety of brilliant, alluring and mouth-watering fragrances!

Sense of taste

Exceptionally mind boggling, special and balanced dry foods grown from the ground flavors, sleek rich and smooth tastes with chocolate notes to stir the taste buds and make them covetous of more.


We propose drinking Kavalan Solist Moscatel Sherry Cask flawless. It is additionally flawless with sweets.


Moscatel is an extraordinary assortment of sherry wines. The mix of Moscatel containers, Kavalan new make and our subtropical warmth is essentially supernatural as far as development quality. This Kavalan single malt is stuffed with shocks for the majority of the tangible receptors that by and by draws out the wealth and many-sided quality without bounds.

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