Michel Couvreur Whisky Overaged 700ml @ 43.8%

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Michel Couvreur


You can taste the years that went into developing each drop of Michel Couvreur’s Overaged premium malt whisky, the result of an assortment of Sherry container single malts matured anyplace somewhere in the range of 12 and 27 years.

Michel Couvreur has been creating whisky in Burgundy since 1978, and has built up himself as the district’s power regarding the matter. He takes the best whiskies from Scotland and ages them to flawlessness in his detached barrel caverns. With such a constrained supply, each container he makes is one of a definitive fortunes you can accomplish in the whisky world.

With The Overaged, Couvreur demonstrates a devotion to handpicking the best Sherry wood barrels and giving every whisky the best possible time to go up against its very own strong, liberal flavor. This mix is a reverberating ensemble of these single malts, and demonstrates that with age comes involvement.

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